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Con­di­tions of Use

1. In­form­a­tion on the Owner

Below, we provide the necessary data on the owner of the www.zumbach.com website (hereinafter, the “Website”):

– Name or company name: Zumbach Electronic AG (H.Q.)
– Address: Hauptstrasse 93, CH-2552 Orpund, Switzerland.
– Email address: sales@zumbach.ch
– Telephone: +41 (0)32 356 04 00
– Web: https://www.zumbach.com

2. Gen­er­al Con­di­tions of Use

These general conditions of use (hereinafter, the “Conditions”), are intended to regulate the relationship between the owner of the website, as a service provider, and users who access, browse and enjoy the service offered (hereinafter, referred to individually as the “User” or collectively as the “Users”).

The Website provides Users with general information about the owner of the Website, its services and activities (hereinafter, the “Content”), all in accordance with these Conditions. Being a professional page, its content is not intended for Users who are minors.

If the User continues browsing and making use of the services we offer through our Website, he/she accepts without reservation of any kind, these Conditions of Use, as well as the Privacy Policy.

The owner of the Website reserves the right to modify these Conditions at any time and at its sole discretion. For this reason, we recommend the User review them on a regular basis.

3. In­tel­lec­tu­al and In­dus­tri­al Prop­erty

a. Legal Protection of Contents

The owner of the Website holds the intellectual and industrial property rights for the Website, including all the Contents and elements thereof (for example, texts, images, audio and videos) available from the Website, as well as those the owner has hosted in third party sites either because they are the property of the owner, or because the owner has obtained the appropriate rights for their use. Likewise, the owner has obtained the appropriate image rights for the images on the Website.

The total or partial reproduction, copying or distribution of the Content, without specific authorization by the owner, is forbidden.  In no case does the User’s access and browsing imply a waiver, transfer, license or total or partial cession of said rights by the owner of the Website. Likewise, it is forbidden to modify, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce, publicly communicate, transmit, use, process or distribute in any way all or part of the Contents and elements of the Website for public or commercial purposes, without the specific written authorization of the owner thereof.

Therefore, the User may, in addition to viewing the Contents and elements of the Website, make prints or copies of or download the same, provided such actions are exclusively for personal and private use.

It is also forbidden to use the owner’s contact details (postal address, telephone number, email address) to send any type of commercial communication, unless previously authorized as per applicable regulations.

b. Associated brands and logos

The brands incorporated in the Website belong to the owner or third parties and use of the same on the Website has been authorized.

Those browsing the Website are prohibited from using such trademarks, logos and distinctive marks without the authorization of the owner or license to use them.

4. Li­ab­il­it­ies

a. Website downtime

The Website is hosted on the service provider company’s servers, connected by public and private communication infrastructures.

The owner of the Website will do everything possible to ensure the proper functioning of the Website. However, service may be interrupted for technical reasons in order to perform repairs and/or maintenance tasks, or due to outages or failures in the systems and/or networks necessary for the transmission of data, which are beyond the owner’s control.

Thus, it may be impossible to access the Website due to force majeure (unforeseeable causes or foreseeable but unavoidable causes) such as those listed below, merely by way of a non-exhaustive example:

– Electricity or telephone outages
– Virus attacks on servers hosting the Website
– User errors when accessing the Website
– Fires, floods, earthquakes or other acts of God
– Strikes or labour disputes
– War, conflicts or other force majeure

The owner of the Website is exonerated from any type of liability in any of the circumstances provided for.

b. User responsibility

The User will use the Website at their own risk. Accessing the Website obliges the User to use it in accordance with the provisions of the law and the applicable ethical codes, as well as the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Breach of any of the rules in these Conditions or the laws under which they are protected, will make the User liable with the owner of the Website and/or third parties, for any damages or prejudice that may be caused as a consequence of said breach, regardless of whether this constitutes an unlawful act, an act for which an administrative sanction may be applied, a misdemeanour or a crime, and will entitle the owner of the Website to, where appropriate, take legal action to ascertain liability in the corresponding court.

c. Owner’s liability

The owner of the Website is not liable for any damage caused to the User or third parties as a result of a breach attributable to the User or as a result of modifications made to the User’s system.

Likewise, the owner is not liable for illegitimate interference through the use of computer viruses or from any other source, the improper use of the Website by the User or security errors due to the incorrect operation of the User’s interface.

5. User­'s Ob­lig­a­tions

The User cannot, at any time modify, alter or delete any data, information, content or element on the Website.

The User must use the services that we put at their disposal in a diligent, correct and lawful manner. It is prohibited, under any circumstances, to disseminate content or propaganda of a racist, pornographic, xenophobic nature or that in general justifies criminal, violent or degrading acts against people and fundamental human rights.

The User must not use software, viruses, malware or any other harmful agents for computer systems that may damage or alter the devices or interfaces of the company or other Users.

The User shall be solely responsible for any damage that may be caused by breaching the terms and obligations set forth in these Conditions.

The User is prohibited from transmitting, using or disseminating publicity concerning the User or third parties through any means available on our Website, unless the User has obtained the owner’s specific authorization to do so.

References on the Website to other third-party websites will be purely informative. The owner of the Website does not develop or manage these pages and is not the owner of the aforementioned Internet addresses unless specified. Therefore, the owner is not responsible for the contents of these hyperlinks, for damage or problems caused by said access, or related to the services provided.

The owner of the Website authorizes creating links and hyperlinks from other web pages. However, anyone who intends to create a link between their website and this Website will do so observing the following conditions:

– The website where the link is created will not contain information or content that is illegal, immoral, goes against accepted customs, is a threat to public order or violates any third party’s rights.
– It will not be declared or implied that the owner of the Website has specifically authorized the link or has previously supervised, assumed or recommended in any way the services offered or made available on the website that creates the link to the Website. It is therefore recommended that anyone browsing the Website use extreme prudence when evaluating and using the information, content and services in the linked sites.
– The creation of the link does not imply, in any case, the existence of relations between the owner of the Website and the owner of the website on which the link was created.

7. Per­son­al Data Pro­tec­tion

The owner of the Website will process the User’s personal data in accordance with the provisions of the laws in force. Specifically, the owner will apply the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

8. Ap­plic­able Law

The relationship established between the User and the owner of the Website shall be governed by the provisions of the laws in force in conjunction with the applicable regulations under the competent jurisdiction.