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8/04/2021 | News

New model of the Spark­test­er product range

The new Sparktester DST 10 is a compact and economical solution for cable manufacturers. With the spark tester, you can perform cable insulation tests on insulating and sheathing lines.

A new addition to the Sparktester product range: Our new Sparktester DST 10 model

The new DST 10 model

The new Sparktester DST 10 model identifies defects in the insulation and sheathing of electrical cables.

An optimal solution for checking cable sheathing after extrusion, during sheathing or during rewinding. Also suitable for applications with space limitations, such as OEM solutions, where performance, cost and size are decisive factors.

Main prop­er­ties of Spark­test­er DST 10

  • – Compact model equipped with the latest Sparktester technology
  • – Integrated web server via TCP/IP PoE interface
  • – Robust and reliable design
  • – Depending on the requirements, solutions for pearl chain, brush electrode and combination applications are available.
  • – Bare patch and pinhole detection
  • – Meets the requirements of UL 1581, UL 2556, IEC 62230 and other standards

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