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Optical Fibre

Zumbach offers non-contact measuring and fault detection systems for process and quality optimization, for example in the production of glass tubes, glass rods and optical fibres.


Zumbach products measure:

  • Outer diameter
  • Ovality
  • Eccentricity
  • Wall thickness
  • Position
  • Detection of surface faults and defects

The benefits

  • On-line production monitoring and inspection
  • Continuous analysis and quality monitoring
  • Optimization of processes and productivity
  • Reduction of production faults and production downtimes
  • Cost reduction through material savings

Measuring solution for the following areas of application

Zumbach offers measuring solutions for drawing, coating and extrusion processes in optical fibre production. Our measuring solutions can improve your production of optical-fibre-based products.

With Zumbach measuring systems, measuring values can be displayed, monitored and controlled directly in real time during the production process. This enables you to perform constant quality assurance during production. The optimization is based on a continuous statistical analysis with which the process is optimized to reach its full potential, taking into account any machine instabilities that might exist.

Suitable for production of the following products

Types of fibre-optic cables
Wind turbine cables, optical fibre bundles, glass fibre tubes and communication cables
Customized solutions, such as offshore cables

Most frequently used measuring solutions for optical fibre manufacturers


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